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Why Screen Printing Still Matters In This Digital Age?

Why Screen Printing Still Matters In This Digital Age?

Digital technology has effectively transformed the entire world of graphics. Digital printing is considered to be one of the best results of digitalization.

But, no matter how strong the influence of this digital technology on the world of graphic designing, one cannot avoid the large number of benefits or advantages that are provided by traditional printing processes such as screen printing.

This means that screen printing services are still in demand in the current days. Although there is the emergence of many new printing methods, screen printing continues to remain one of the most reliable methods to date.

This is specifically due to the number of advantages or benefits provided by this method of screen printing.

So, before, you opt for screen printing service, you should first know about their important benefits.

Creates Unique Outputs

When compared to the digital printing method, screen printing always contributes to creating unique outputs. It is almost an impossible task to achieve the same quality of results with the help of digital printing.

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The ink which is used for screen printing is deeply absorbed and thereby, it tends to provide clearer edges to the image. Not only that but the ink used in this case can be applied thicker and thereby resulting in more vibrant, brighter, and long-lasting colors.

So, if you are focusing to opt for screen printing services, then you should surely go for this as it provides a high level of vibrancy while printing specifically on dark backgrounds.

More Versatile

A wide range of materials is effectively accommodated in screen printing which includes rigid plastic, fabric, vinyl, metal, foam board, glass, and many others.

On the other hand, the printer can produce different products like wallpapers, posters, hats, t-shirts, and banners by making use of the same screens. So, this printing method is not limited by shape or size.

As a result, you would be abler to design distinctive shapes like those of bottles and mugs by making use of this particular method of printing.

Therefore, this method of screen printing is considered to be much more versatile while compared to the digital printing option.


When compared to digital printing, screen printing services are more cost-effective as you would be able to create large volumes of design. So, it is proved to be the best printing option which you should use specifically for larger orders.

Provides High Quality and Long Lasting Results

The ink used in the screen printing tends to stick to the garment material and so, it results in a clearer as well as a durable image when compared to the other available options.

Final Verdict

So, the above-discussed ones are the major reasons why screen printing is still in great demand in this digital age. This will continue to be the most popular printing method in a wide variety of retail as well as commercial application. But, to get the best outcomes, you should always opt for professional screen printing service.