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Organic childrens clothes trend or friend

Organic childrens clothes trend or friend

Organic childrens clothes trend

Organic childrens clothes are in vogue, with many celebrities, like Kourtney Karadashian choosing to “go green” when it comes to buying baby clothes and products.

organic childrens clothes
organic childrens clothes

But, is the trend all hype, or are there serious benefits, for you and your baby?  Here are our top 5 facts, so that you can make the right decision.

  • As you know, your baby’s skin is delicate. Organic baby clothing is not only made from natural fibers, such as cotton and wool, but it’s free from those nasty allergy-causing pesticides.  So your baby should suffer less from rashes and skin irritations.
  • Organic childrens clothes are much softer to the touch than man-made fibers, and so can give your baby the comfort he or she needs in order to catch up on all that sleep that’s vital for growth and development.
  • There’s no chemical dying or processing of organically grown fibers, during manufacture, and generally the companies who produce and sell organic clothing, are much more sympathetic to the environment when it comes to packaging. So, you’ll often find that they use 100% recycled and 100% recyclable packaging.
  • The United States is the world’s 6th highest producer of organic fiber, so if you buy wisely you can reduce your carbon footprint, whilst support your company’s economy.
  • If you’ve already made the shift to buying organic food, then additionally buying organic clothing will give your baby the most natural start in life.

So now that you know what the benefits are, why not check out our store to see our selection of organic childrens clothes and toys.

Why Natural Organic childrens clothes are the Best!

Babies are sensitive to harsh chemicals that are in clothing and in the air they breathe. By choosing to use Natural Organic childrens clothes on your baby, you are already limiting the exposure to irritants that can adversely affect your baby.

Skin rashes, diaper rashes, and even allergic reactions can be common occurrences when your baby is exposed to these irritants on a daily basis.

Natural Organic childrens clothes are soft, durable and in some cases naturally moisture-wicking and anti-microbial. Your baby stays more comfortable and drier whether the temperature is hot or cold. By simply making some common sense choices, you can start your baby’s exposure to your environment in a potentially less toxic and healthy way. Parents try to give their newborn babies clean air to breathe, good nourishment, and a safe environment. Natural Organic baby clothes are worn by babies when sleeping and awake, so parents can help safeguard their babies by providing them with clothing that is the best for them to wear.