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Get Your Driving License Translated And Drive Across UAE

Get Your Driving License Translated And Drive Across UAE

Abu Dhabi is a hub of various ethnicities and cultures. People from all over the world reside in Abu Dhabi. Since the official language of Abu Dhabi is Arabic, so people need to get their documents translated in Arabic. There are many translation and interpretation service providers in Abu Dhabi.

Universal Translation Company 

Universal Translation Company also offers index translation across Abu Dhabi for all personal and professional documents. It is renowned for its translation and interpretation services. It offers a wide range of legal and official translation services from English, Dutch, German, Canadian, English, French to the Arabic language.

If you are looking for smart translation Abu Dhabi then you have a lot of options but always opt for the one that has translation and interpretation services under one umbrella and save yourself from further hassle. Index translation Abu Dhabi is helpful in indexing and listing of contents of the document, hence quite useful. 

Need for Driving License

Driving has become a necessary skill to survive in today’s world. Moreover, people do make a living out of it as well. If you already have a valid driving license, then you just need to translate it into the Arabic Language officially.

We offer top-notch dynamic translation services in Abu Dhabi and can translate driving license from more than 50 languages in Arabic as per legal requirements of UAE. 

Who can opt for Driving License Translation?

People who are living in the UAE and possess a valid driving license from their home country will not have to undergo the procedure of driving tests from scratch. All they must do is translate their driving license from their native language to UAE’s official language that is Arabic. 

Index Translation Abu Dhabi allows indexing and listing of all the requirements needed to swap the foreign driving license into Emirates license. There is a list of countries whose driving license is eligible in Abu Dhabi and only need translation into Arabic:

  • Australia
  • America
  • England

Here are some of the listed countries whose valid driving licenses are acceptable in Abu Dhabi and can be transferred in Arabic:

  • Japan
  • France
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Norway
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • Turkey
  • Denmark
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • Australia 

In case the resident does not hold a valid driving license from their homeland and is looking to acquire one from scratch, then he or she must give written and practical tests and enroll themselves in driving courses. Once the courses are completed, a test will be taken, and then you will be awarded the UAE’s driving license.

Smart translation Abu Dhabi service providers are 24/7 available for UAE residents. The translation center Abu Dhabi is always operational and at your service in guiding you on how to proceed in order to get a license in Emirates.

Legal translation of driving license of a foreign country is a must requirement for swapping or exchanging it into UAE’s official driving license. We have been offering the legal and technical translation of such legal and official documents for quite some time. 

Procedure to legally translate your driving license

Let’s discuss on how to proceed to convert your valid driving license in UAE’s Arabic language driving license. The process is extremely easy. All you have to do is to send an email of a scanned copy of your driving license to services@universaltranslationcompany.com along with your current UAE’s ID card scan copies to correctly spell your name in Arabic for dynamic translation in Abu Dhabi.

Once the translation is done, you have to visit our nearest license issuing department and traffic authority or Emirates visa issuing office. There, you will submit a few additional documents for the record and ask the officials to swap your driving license in UAE driving license. 

You can find further details on their online portal so that you will be prepared for the next steps and have knowledge of what will be required next. 

Benefits of having a Driving License

Driving in Abu Dhabi is a luxurious dream. Racing on highways and exploring the magnificent beauty of Emirates without waiting in line for shuttle buses or rental cars will come true if you have a valid UAE driving license.

If you are not a local Emirati, then the first step is to get your driving license translation Abu Dhabi, the official and legal language of the United Arab Emirates. Many translation centers in Abu Dhabi are offering their services to residents who are in need of it. 

Every resident should know how to drive as it has become a necessary skill. If you are living in the UAE and more than 21 years old, then you can rent your own car and drive across seven Emirates. You are free to explore and travel across the United Arab Emirates, or you can start your earnings by renting your car and driving skills.

Either way, getting an official driving license of UAE is beneficial for you in the long run. Index translation Abu Dhabi makes it easy for you to obtain your driving license in the UAE.

Why choose Universal Translation Company? 

Elaph translation Abu Dhabi also offers translation services, but what makes Universal translation company unique is that they are offering all sorts of legal and technical translations. We are experts in legal, official, and personal documents in Abu Dhabi to make their life a little easier and convenient to settle in Emirates.

Getting your important documents translated in Arabic makes your life easier. It makes travelling across the seven emirates convenient and without any hassle.

Universal translation company has a team of professional and experienced translators and have good years of experience in this arena. A translator must be proficient in Arabic and in other languages as well.

Some languages such as Dutch, Swiss, French, German, and others are a bit tricky to translate because their legal context and phrases are different, so a highly competent translator is needed to legally translate it into Arabic.

Software and tools are helpful but to an extremely limited extent in this regard. Besides a human talent always outstand computer intelligence in terms of emotional and technical experience and expertise. 

If you get your driving license translated by an accredited translation company, you can skip the driving courses and tests formality. Only the listed countries’ valid driving licenses is acceptable for swapping with the UAE’s driving license after translation from a foreign language.