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4 Things to Look for at Wedding Reception Venues in Chester County, PA

4 Things to Look for at Wedding Reception Venues in Chester County, PA

When it comes to looking for wedding reception venues in Chester County, PA, there’re several things to look for besides that special feeling of “the one.” Before you settle on a place, it’d do you lots of good to ask all the right questions, and probably ask to take a tour of the site. Doing these will ensure you don’t get the shock of your life on what’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life.

Before you can consider a wedding reception venue as being perfect and fit for selection, it must cater to all of the following:

1.  Space

While it might sound obvious, many people still end up settling for wedding reception venues in Chester County PA, that aren’t up to standard. Space is an essential element to look for in a reception location; the place must be spacious enough to accommodate the number of people present in your guest list.

Although the venue might look spacious when it’s empty, it might not cater to your space needs once wedding essentials get placed. That’s why it’s advisable to assess a reception when another wedding with a similar guest size is in session.

A spacious venue is essential for several reasons: it gives room for dancing activities and ensures guests don’t bump into one another while moving around and offers adequate ventilation.

2.  An Excellent View

A wedding reception is a celebration of love, so the venue you end up choosing has to be one that amplifies the event’s mood. Pay attention to the view of the place; what will people see when they enter the room?

Speaking of view, you’ve got to look beyond the physical layout of the place and pay attention to its décor, architectural details, artworks or murals on the walls, the flooring, lighting components, etc. All these will work together to give you and your guests that homely and romantic feeling.

3.  Parking Options

This factor is one you can’t afford to overlook. A wedding reception will attract guests that are likely to come in their automobiles; struggling with parking would dampen their mood and do you no good. Guests must park their cars in a convenient location without the fear of breaking the law.

When hunting for wedding reception venues in Chester County, PA, ensure you find one with a good parking lot or one situated near a big, secured parking lot or garage. Alternatively, you can choose a location in a big, empty street, where parking is legal and safe. Inadequate parking provision may lead to you spending more money and time finding alternatives.

4.  A Backup Plan

Some people fancy outdoor wedding celebrations; if you’re one of them, ensure that the venue you’re choosing has a backup plan, should there be a change in the weather. While it might be a rare occurrence, no one can know when Mother Nature’s going to turn. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Learn to look beyond the glitz and glamor of a venue and consider the things that significantly matter.