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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Aldi protein water and how to use it

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Aldi protein water and how to use it

Whether you’re bulking up or slimming down, this guide will help you pick the right aldi protein water for your goals.

The protein supplement industry is booming right now, everyone’s taking them in an attempt to increase their chances of getting bigger, leaner or smaller. The trouble a lot of people run into however is picking the right protein water to tackle their individual needs. Everyone will have different goals. Some want to get bigger and pack on extra muscle, some will want to lose weight whilst toning up and some might be looking for the leaner look. Whatever your fitness goals are, choosing the right aldi protein water can make or break your chances of success.

Bulking up

Bulking up requires a combination of the right diet and the right exercise. To increase your chances of packing on the muscle, you must create a surplus in calories and work your muscles with heavier weights than normal. The average man will need to consume approximately 3500 calories in order to grow the desired amount. This is where aldi protein water can play a pivotal part in the process. Protein supplements designed to help people increase mass are packed full of calories and having just one a day makes a huge difference in reaching your calorie target.

Some of the better aldi protein water blends for bulking up include Ion-X Protein Water Protein and Carbs. One Bottle of this Ion-X Protein Water blend offers nearly 120 calories and contains a massive 30g of protein. Ion-X Protein Water Weight Gainer is also a good option and can be picked up for just over $5.00; it offers the same nutritional value as the All in One range. If you’re a newbie to this then a great aldi protein water to start on is Other Whey, which not only offers a high calorie, protein packed water, it also offers a healthy daily serving of vitamins and minerals.

Top Tips for Bulkers:

aldi protein water

  • Clean calories. Bulking up requires a lot of extra calories than you’re probably used to taking. Don’t be tempted to increase your calories through junk food as this most definitely doesn’t count and is nutritionally insignificant. Give yourself the best possible chance of reaching your goals by keeping it clean.
  • Breakfast of champions. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for bulkers. Get your day off to a flying start by having a solid meal in the morning full of protein and carbohydrates. Eggs are always a good option and porridge should be a staple, if you’re pushed for time there’s nothing wrong with having your first aldi protein water early on, but you shouldn’t make it a habit.
  • Hungry Muscles. Whilst you sleep, your muscles still need feeding and this is where a slow release protein works extremely well. Many people make the mistake of having protein water before bed but this is a fast absorbing protein which won’t keep you satisfied through the night. Instead, try a much slower absorbing protein such as cheese, if you can handle the nightmares!
  • Manage your cardio. All of the extra calories you’re consuming to gain weight are necessary for the muscles to grow to the size you desire. The problem with cardio is that it consumes a large amount of calories in order to provide the energy for the effort. So instead of going helping your muscles grow, it’s being consumed elsewhere. Don’t overdo the cardio and if you do feel the need to head out for a run, make sure you add the extra calories to your diet.
  • And…Relax. Make sure you include a good amount of time to rest in your work out plan, your muscles need time to heal and it’s crucially important you give it to them.

Fat Loss – How to lose weight the right whey

Using aldi protein water to aid fat loss is a fantastic way to help speed the process. Fat loss is all about a regimented diet and exercise plan, but it doesn’t have to be as boring as it sounds. For a lot of people, losing weight will often come as a result of cutting junk food and sugary snacks and if you add exercise to the mix, it can often be a quicker process than you first thought.

Your body (or more specifically, your muscles) needs a certain amount of protein just to go about their daily tasks. This is why weight training can be so powerful in losing weight, for both men and women. The more you work your muscles, the more calories they need to operate and not just when you’re at the gym this will occur all of the time. To nurture and encourage this process, you should incorporate a aldi protein water blend into your diet and lucky for you, there’s some excellent products to choose from.

One of the standout aldi protein water in the fat loss range is from PhD’s diet range. If you’re looking to lose weight, there’s a number of reasons we recommend you get consider this product –

1) They’re one of the best tasting protein waters currently on the market.

2) One water with a piece of fruit will keep you full until your next meal.

3) They give you a huge amount of protein for very little calories, which is what will make the difference to losing weight.

Top Tips For Slimmer’s:

  • Be true to yourself. One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make when trying to lose weight is not being true to themselves and pretending they are sticking to the plan (when really they are having a cheeky donut Coca Cola when no one’s looking). This will drain your motivation and in the end, wipe out all your hard work.
  • Give it all you’ve got. Losing weight is a very simple formula which will work on everybody providing they put they effort in. If you’re serious about losing weight with aldi protein water, give it everything you have to ensure you take maximum benefit.