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The Best and Most Effective Strategies for Adrenal Fatigue Treatment

The Best and Most Effective Strategies for Adrenal Fatigue Treatment

Stress can cause a lot of damage to your body, including a number of life-threatening diseases and disorders such as heart disease or cancer. Unfortunately, stress is almost an accepted part of the modern lifestyle, most people see it as completely normal to be tired and under pressure at work and at home. But this attitude can be dangerous as it ignores the damage that ongoing stress can do to your mental, emotional and physical health. One disorder which can result from long periods of stress is Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS). This little unknown and understood disorder can cause long-term complications and a decreased quality of life. That’s why people with AFS need to seek out adrenal fatigue treatment options as soon as possible if they want to return to full functioning.

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment
Adrenal Fatigue Treatment

What is AFS?

How often do you feel stressed? And how often does that stress continue over the long term, until there seems to be no end in sight? Unfortunately, stress is one of the most common complaints these days and yet little is understood about the extent of the damage it can do to your body. Your body has what’s known as the neuroendometabolic (NEM) stress response which helps it to adapt to stress. This system activates organs and processes in the body that protect it from stress and prepare it to spring into action if necessary. Your adrenal glands are a part of this system. They secrete a number of hormones, including cortisol, which is absolutely essential for good functioning.

However, if this system is active all the time because of prolonged stress the adrenal glands are one of the first places that problems can arise. They can become fatigued because of the high demand for cortisol. They may remain structurally normal, which means your medical treatment for adrenal fatigue may be limited in options, but your symptoms will tell you that there is a problem. When this occurs it can result in adrenal fatigue symptoms and treatment needs that are different than for any other disorder. The symptoms of AFS can include palpitations, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue and digestive problems.

AFS is often an ongoing and worsening disorder, which is why you need to look for adrenal fatigue treatment options immediately if you notice a problem. This may not be as simple as it seems, as many doctors don’t acknowledge the existence of AFS and may dismiss your symptoms as part of your busy lifestyle. This can make medical treatment for adrenal fatigue hard to find. But if you’re concerned, you need to keep looking for better solutions for your health issues, because no one can enjoy their life when they’re struggling with the troubling and exhausting symptoms of AFS.

Removing Stress

Because AFS is caused by prolonged stress, one of the best adrenal fatigue treatment options is to remove or reduce stress from your life. This may sound straightforward, but in reality, it can be a complicated thing to do. In all likelihood, there are a variety of issues, people, situations and things in your life that cause stress, and it may be impossible to remove them all. For example, if your job is very stressful, you may have to weigh the effect on your health against the money and support it offers for you and your family. And your health may not come up the winner in that calculation. Important stressors you should consider removing or addressing include the following:

· Relationships that are unhealthy or damaging in some way.
· High-pressure workplaces or those that are physically stressful.
· Financial worries.
· Dietary factors such as caffeine which can put increased stress on the body.
· Lifestyle factors such as lack of sleep or exercise.
· Social media
· Health
· Past experiences

Making Lifestyle Changes

Adrenal fatigue treatment involves a multi-pronged approach that addresses every aspect of your life, which is why you need to do more than just remove or reduce some stressors. You need to look at your lifestyle to determine which practices are hurting you, and which will support your health and healing. Some of the most important lifestyle factors to examine include the following:

· Your sleep patterns, make sure you get 8 hours of good quality sleep every night.

· Exercise regularly but gently and in a way that supports your body rather than harms it.

· Avoid technology after 8 pm as the light can disrupt your natural cycles.

· Supplement if you have deficiencies, just ensure that you do it carefully and with professional supervision to avoid overdosing or worsening your adrenal fatigue symptoms.

· Make the change to a diet plan that acts as a form of treatment for adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment Through Diet

One of the most important parts of your adrenal fatigue treatment is to look at your diet. The food you eat is vitally important to your health. Unfortunately, the modern diet is full of processed foods, fats and other elements which decrease the overall nutritional content of the food and actually do damage to various systems. The best treatment for adrenal fatigue involves a diet that’s rich in natural foods. This means eating mostly fruits and vegetables, these should make up about 30-40 percent of your diet. 20-30 percent of your diet should be lean proteins with the same amount of healthy fats. The rest of your diet should consist of whole grains and legumes. This balance will depend on your own unique needs and system, but it’s one of the best ways to combine food in a way that supports health and wellbeing.

If you have AFS, there are many different adrenal fatigue treatment options you can try that will help alleviate your symptoms and return your body to good health. This is an ongoing process, you can’t just take a pill and expect to be cured as the good medical treatment for adrenal fatigue is in its infancy. Instead, you need to evaluate your life and make changes that support your mental, physical and emotional health. Making these changes will allow your body to heal itself from the stress inflicted damage, which is essential if you want to be symptom-free and enjoy your life again.

Recovery from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome is often difficult, which is why you need to seek out adrenal fatigue treatment options as soon as possible if you think you have this disorder.