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Sweet 16 Themes – Choose the Opposite One

Sweet 16 Themes – Choose the Opposite One

Sweet 16 Themes

A party is incomplete without the memory tokens. A variety of favors are available which are apt for sweet 16 themes. Favors not only popularize you in your gang, they keep you remembered by the friends for long. Sweet 16 themes are perfectly complemented by favors made of chocolates, bouquets and cards. Lollipops, bags, and jeweler boxes can be chosen for sweet 16 girls.

Candles are the cutest sweet 16 themes favors. They can not only be used as return gifts but also for decorating cakes. Cake candles make cake cutting event a fun thing. Sparklers and musical pumpkin candles are a favorite among the users. They are available in price range of $0.99 to $ 6. Some popular candles for sweet sixteen themes are numeral candles, silver heart design candles, crown design candles etc; to quote a few.

Sweet 16

Photo frames are the very popular favors for sweet 16 themes. Heart shaped silver photo frames talk a lot about the love shared by teenage lovers. Frames are available in various shapes, colors and metals. Most common shapes are heart-shaped, purse place card frames, round or butterfly design shaped frames. Pearl white round shaped frames are very elegant and are gifted to those close to heart. Talking of metals, gold and silver plated frames are commonly used by those who save a lot to impress the special person.

Other favors of sweet 16 themes include lollipops, personalized transparent takeout boxes including cute soft toys. Heart shaped cookies cutters are a hit among foodies. Takeout boxes are available in numerous colors also. Silver, black or pink are few of the commonly used colors to make takeout boxes of sweet 16 themes. Tote bags, playing cards and treat bags are meant for teenagers with a bit mature taste. Sweet 16 girl can never say no to compact mirrors, bookmarks or heart-shaped key chains.