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Rules About Swaddling Babies

Rules About Swaddling Babies

Tilly & Jasper are perfect for those of you who don’t need a miracle or a contraption with ties and tabs you can’t figure out. Tilly & Jasper are just bigger, better blankets, pure and simple. Click Here for more information about what makes Tilly & Jasper special.

Swaddling Babies are made of quality, 100% cotton flannel. The fabric is not pre-washed before shipping, to allow you to use the detergent of your choice on your baby’s blanket. If you prefer more of a crisp, clean look, go over your swaddle blanket with a warm iron before swaddling. Spritz any stubborn wrinkles with water, then iron them dry.

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You can use your Baby Swaddles Suit for so much than swaddling! Your blanket can also be used as a nursing cover, play mat for the floor or bed, diaper changing surface, or emergency clean-up cloth, eliminating the need for carrying multiple items when you’re on the go. You won’t be able to resist cuddling your snuggly baby when swaddled in this blanket. Pale yellow satin ribbon trim finishes the edges. Tilly & Jasper Shop strives to bring you the best Baby Swaddle Blankets available on the market. We currently feature handmade blankets by Tilly & Jasper. They were selected for the wide variety of prints available, the convenient larger size, and the high quality construction. And who knows? The swaddle blanket you buy today may just end up being your little one’s treasured special blanket for years to come.

Using the mild detergent you’ve chosen for your baby, machine wash your new swaddle blanket in warm water with like colors, and tumble dry on medium to fluff. Your baby’s blanket will look soft, cuddly, and loved, ready for snug swaddle.

Are you getting ready for your new baby? Swaddling blankets are essential for keeping your baby calm and happy, providing that secure womblike feeling during the first few months of life Swaddling Babies are the perfect choice to grow with your baby. They come in a wide variety of prints and solids, to match any nursery decor. They are also much larger than the average receiving blanket so your baby can use them longer than just a few weeks.

Swaddle blankets also make great shower gifts. They are both useful and fun. Available exclusively at the Tilly & Jasper Store , you can be proud of your unique choice!