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Onsite Caravan on the Sunshine Coast

Onsite Caravan on the Sunshine Coast

Affordable Caravan is a term used to describe dwelling units whose total caravan costs are deemed “affordable” to a group of people within a specified income range. Although the term is often applied to the rental caravan that is within the financial means of those in the lower income ranges of a geographical area, the concept is applicable to both rental, buyer, and seller in all income ranges. This article focuses on the affordability of owner-occupied and private rental caravan as the social home is a specialized tenure.

In parts of the Western World, a commonly accepted guideline for caravans affordability is a housing cost that does not exceed 30% of a household’s gross income. Caravan costs considered in this guideline generally include taxes and insurance for owners and usually include utility costs. When the monthly carrying costs of a home exceed 25–30% of household income, then the housing is considered unaffordable for that household.

Affordable Caravan is a rare commodity in Australia today. Yes, there are a few projects scattered across the county, but not nearly enough to satisfy the demand. The demand for low-cost housing has always been there, but now with the economy hitting a rough patch, that demand for cheap housing is growing by the day.


Onsite Caravan for sale in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast, there is a new low-cost housing alternative. This program is opening up a new option for “Low-Cost Mobile Homes Australia” searchers and skeptics alike. Yes… there is finally some affordable Caravan available in Australia.

This program was started to alleviate the Sunshine Coast Low-Cost mobile homes shortage but has now found some new customers. The housing units are widely referred to as Relocatable Homes, Transportable Homes, Modular Homes, Mobile Homes, Granny Flats or Cabins. But no matter how they are called, these affordable housing units are proving themselves very popular in many places now.

The mining industry is now choosing to buy many of these housing units and set them up in remote locations. Farmers and ranchers have used them for a while now as well. In fact, almost any industry looking for a quick and lower cost alternative to housing units is now exploring the use of our Transportable Homes. Our Low-Cost Housing units are now proving themselves preferable for many different uses in a broad range of industries across the country.