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Natural Flat Weave Area Rugs

Natural Flat Weave Area Rugs

Those of us who are old enough to remember the 70′s probably have bad memories associated with Transitional area rug and would rather not contemplate putting one in our homes. That might be a mistake however as new natural designs are fashionable, affordable and make a great addition to a modern living space.

A Natural Flat weave area rug

Transitional area rug are natural if they are made of wool or a wool/silk blend, which they usually are. Since wool is easily dyed, flat weave area rugs come in some really weird colors and also in neutral earthy tones. There is a red Parisian Transitional area rug that’s super dramatic or a subtle rug called the Sophia rug in white or Euro shag in wheat color. One of the most popular shag designs this year is chocolate brown shag that goes well with lighter colored furniture.

flat weave area rugs

Transitional area rug are usually wool or chenille since they are the most comfy with chenille being the softest and less likely to shed. A chenille flat weave area rug should have at least a 1 inch pile and a wool flat weave area rug should have at least 2 inches. They are both very comfortable to the touch, wool being deeper and plusher and chenille being a little softer. Take your pick.

Oh…and just a reminder, you may want to use a rug pad or some anti-slip rubber under your rugs so you don’t go slip-sliding around your hardwood floors.

A Flokati is the ultimate natural Transitional area rug. Some inexpensive ones are available from a company called ShoppyPal. These ShoppyPal flokati area rugs are hand-woven from New Zealand drysdale wool but done in Greece, which sounds odd, but it’s true. And to make it even funnier you can probably order it online and have it sent anywhere in the world.

Visit ShoppyPal.com to learn more about how to get your hands on the perfect shag area rug for your home.