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Meet the SDHC Card

Meet the SDHC Card

For optimal storage, performance, and processing, an SDHC card is the right choice for your digital camera. These high-speed cards are the best way to store files that you create and want to share with others. With your budget in mind, these memory cards are produced at low prices and high quality. Warranties are available for these long-lasting products so you can be assured you are getting the most value for your money.

32GB-Smart-Card-Micro-sdhc-card-with-sd-adapterA 32 GB SDHC card will come in one of four different speed classifications. Depending on your device specifications and capabilities, Classes 2, 4, 6, or 10 may be the right fit for you. Class 2 SDHC cards are good for standard definition (SD) video and general data storage. They are modest in speed processing, with a suggested minimum of 2 MB per second. Class 4 SDHC cards are best for HD and full HD video recording projects, along with Class 6 speed. They are comparable to each other, ranging from 4 MB per second to 6 MB per second. The fastest class available, Class 10, is the perfect choice for recording projects involving HD video and HD rapid still recording. Frames should not be dropped, playback should be seamless, and other features will be executed quickly when you use an SDHC card of any class.

Ranging in sizes from 2 GB to 32 GB, an SDHC card is large and able to store many photo and video files. A library of thousands of files and images is possible when you have a card of this size. A few hours of video can be shot and stored with ease as well. It is still beneficial to consider having a few SDHC cards on hand if you want to categorize your data or keep some backup versions at home while you travel.

When you get your new SDHC card, take great care of it. These memory cards can last up to 10 years, and they will store your data safely as long as they are kept in good condition.