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Meet Reese!

Meet Reese!

Reese is 11 years old and is a student at Launch Code After School! We had the privilege of interviewing him and asking him more about what he loves about coding and Launch! Check out the video below.

Reese is currently working on a HTML design to code a game called “Guess my Number”. The game gives you five chances to guess a number between 1-9 by entering it into a text box. The key to win is by guessing the right number each time. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts regular IT and computer tech tutorials and informative videos.

What is your favorite thing about coding?

“My ability to create whatever I want.”

What do you love most about Launch?

“How I feel like I can do what I actually want to do and not be on an insanely rigid structure.”

What is your biggest pet peeve about technology?

“Two factor authentication at after school programs austin. It is where I need to verify with another device which makes it extremely hard to get to my email without a recovery code.”

Why do you want to work in IT when you grow up?

“Because I like helping people with computer stuff and I like explaining things.”