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Living in Moderation: The Underlying Secret to A Blissful Life

Living in Moderation: The Underlying Secret to A Blissful Life

Our current society equates happiness with having more and so, moderation often gets ignored. Constantly looking at the world, comparing yourself to others and trying to achieve more can make you overlook how simple life actually is. The secret to a fulfilled, happy, and healthy life is very simple yet incredibly effective – living in moderation. The whole idea of moderation is to live a life of balance and avoid any extremities. By doing so, you start appreciating things you already possess. In the end, what matters most is your inner sense of happiness. While money is important for a sense of security and comfort, it does not directly relate to joy and happiness. (https://www.drlam.com/blog/serious-progesterone-side-effects-and-brittle-adrenals-part-1/30858/ )

Is Living in Moderation Really Important?

In this fast-paced lifestyle, stress seems to be unavoidable. The underlying reason for stress is going above moderation and urging for more. You are always propelled to stretch your ability. Long working hours for greater productivity, harder workouts for an ultra-slim body and earning more for greater luxury. People tend to have high expectations in life which increase over time. Expensive jewelry, costly outfits, luxurious cars, latest Smartphones, the list is endless. In an attempt to fulfill desires, you often get trapped in a vicious cycle – the penchant for acquiring more. There is nothing wrong with having luxury though. The problem arises when the urge to have more becomes an addiction and you start associating wealthy pleasures with happiness.

In the end, not getting what you expect can gradually lead to frustration, feeling dejected, low self-esteem, and anxiety which can further take the ugly turn of stress, depression, and fatigue. So how do you lead a life of wholeness and content? It’s by mastering the technique of living in moderation. Practicing moderation helps to realize that life is not as sophisticated as it looks.

Useful Tips for Living in Moderation

Moderation can be practiced by making certain alterations in life. These great tips can be helpful for living in moderation. Most importantly, they can remarkably help you thrive in extreme situations.


The first step to living in moderation is to have a well-balanced, nutritious diet. In an attempt to lose weight quickly, people often get attracted to fad diets. However, such diets have extreme restrictions which deprive your body of essential nutrients. When your body does not receive its daily recommended nutrients, you can end up feeling fatigued. Nutritious diet plays a significant role in healing your adrenals. Therefore, people with adrenal fatigue should take care to avoid diets that call for extreme food restrictions.

Make sure not to stay away from indulging in your favorite foods. Enjoying that slice of pizza or chocolate cake would help to keep you satisfied and prevent any cravings. Just be mindful to have them in smaller portions. AFS sufferers should always be mindful to have frequent meals to prevent reactive hypoglycemia. Hydration must be attended to in order to avoid dehydration.


Tips for Living in Moderation: Exercise Properly

Fitness is now related to being skinny like a supermodel and no longer limited to staying healthy alone. To get that slim waistline and more toned body, people tend to exercise for longer periods. While working out helps you stay fit, an excess of it can be harmful. Too much exercise doesn’t give your muscles the rest it needs before your next session and this can damage your tendons and muscles. Consider setting realistic goals and working on them with patience for a healthy body. Start with gentle Adrenal Restorative exercise and progress to Adrenal Yoga Exercise for best results.  Discover From