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Is It Better To Develop An Apps for Android?

Is It Better To Develop An Apps for Android?

Android is the platform to be on, with December’s 300,000 activation a day this is certainly understandable. Android smartphones are taking more than half of the market and that tendency is expected to carry on. But what does that mean for mobile app developers out there?

I think that it is better to draw your own conclusions, because although the android has its supremacy on the market now mobile app developers still focus mainly on the iOS (iPad apps development). There are almost twice as many apps in the app store than there are on the android market. This doesn’t mean anything to those that plan to develop their own app.

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Business individuals that need extra mobility options and those who want to leave their mark on the application market must develop their own applications. It takes an idea and skill. For the skill is easy. A simple Google search will return with thousands of possibilities, but the idea is tricky. You must be aware of what you need your application to be. If you can imagine it, you will need to find someone to make it otherwise is useless to hire someone.

When you look through the potential candidates for the job, you should have in mind their skill and experience for the platform that you target. Let’s say that you target android custom development because most of your employees have android smartphones. If so, you will need app development Calgary, that have experience in developing apps for android platform, if he is skilled and have worked the iOS platform he probably won’t be as useful for others.

After the app is done, it should pass extensive testing, for stability before it gets released on the market or made the default mobile app for your company. If not, some serious errors can put your entire business off schedule.