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Google Personalizes Search, Advertising

Google Personalizes Search, Advertising

The forums are buzzing with the news that Google has filed for an organic search patent, Personalization of placed content ordering in search results, to serve organic search results based on user profiles. The patent deals with profiling Google users based on their search history in order to personalize Google ads with behavioral targeting.

According to the Search Engine Journal, Google has also applied for a similar behavioral targeting patent for its advertising network, but this seems to be a first from Google with plans to integrate user profiling into natural search ranking San Jose SEO.

Such profiles are created by Google SEO and gathered from previous queries, web navigation behavior via tracked links and possibly sites visited which serve Google ads, computers with Google Applications installed such as Desktop Search, Google Wi-fi Connection or Sidebar, and personal information which Google identifies which may be “implicitly or explicitly provided by the user.”

The Behavioural Targeting Patent is ‘ Determining ad targeting information and/or ad creative information using past search queries‘ which was authored mainly by Sumit Agarwal. The patent abstract describes this patent as follows: Ad information, such as ad targeting keywords and/or ad creative content, for example, may be determined using aggregated selected document-to-query information associations.

Google Personalizes

For example, popular terms and/or phrases also associated with a selected document may be used as ad targeting search engine optimization keywords and/or ad creative content for an ad having the document as a landing page. Query information may be tracked on a per document level, a per domain level, etc. The determined ad information may be used to automatically populate an ad record or may be provided to an advertiser as suggested or recommended ad information San Jose SEO Expert.

Google is also optimizing ad sales, creatives and landing pages for its AdWords and AdSense programs to assist advertisers in launching site-targeted campaigns, help publishers sell those advertising spaces, and even optimize the advertising creatives and landing pages for the advertiser, in other words, it is becoming a one-stop digital marketing agency near you shop and network, cutting out the graphic artists, copywriters, landing page designers, and keyword researchers out of the equation with their automated offerings.