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Adrenal Fatigue Treatments To Regain Your Vigor

Adrenal Fatigue Treatments To Regain Your Vigor

Are you tired of constantly feeling tired? You may think that is a funny question, but for people experiencing adrenal fatigue, it certainly is a daily struggle. When long hours of sleep is never enough and a cup of coffee no longer works to keep you running throughout the day, having this kind of exhaustion really frustrates a person who has it.

Having adrenal fatigue maybe mainly blamed on a person’s lifestyle: overworking, multi-tasking, sleeping late, and all those other vices. That’s why adrenal fatigue treatments are also geared towards gradual lifestyle changes. Why did I say “gradual?” Because your body has already adapted to your old lifestyle that changing it abruptly might shock your body, so in turn, changes should be gradual or in other words changes should be done slowly but surely.

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Five S’s of Adrenal Fatigue Treatments To Regain Your Vigor

• Sports. No matter how busy you are, you should give time for a little physical activity in your daily schedule. Doctors recommend thirty minutes of exercise per day. Such exercises can be jogging, brisk walking and so on. Remember, when you do chores like cleaning the house or walking every aisle at the grocery store, you are also doing a form of exercise.

• Siesta. This is also known as “taking naps”. When you feel you are very tired and can no longer concentrate on whatever it is you are doing – take a power nap. A power nap is around five to fifteen minutes, it allows you to rest your brain even just for a bit.

• Smile. A smile always lightens your heart. So why not do it often to relieve stress? When you frown all the time, you’ll feel more depressed.

• Surround yourself with happy people. Have dinner with people who like to laugh a lot, talk about funny experiences and blurt out jokes. Happiness is very contagious, so tag along with these types of persons more often. Children are also very nice to spend time with because they are just so spontaneous.

• Supplements. Taking vitamin supplements is an important part of the adrenal fatigue treatment and recovery. With these supplements, not only that you will feel great but also help protect you from possible sickness and infection as well.

These are just some of the adrenal fatigue treatments but take note, there are still a lot more! Hope you find this information useful for your recovery.